Adelaide electricians’ experiences with smart home automation

As electricians who have been wiring up homes across Adelaide for over two decades, we’ve witnessed the emergence of smart home technology firsthand. What started as basic security systems, programmable thermostats and lighting controls has evolved into comprehensive home automation with integrated Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems. Innovative smart products from companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung and others are making it easier than ever to control and automate virtually every aspect of your home’s environment and electronics. Let me share some of our recent experiences installing and integrating smart home systems for Adelaide customers.

The benefits of home automation 

When outlining smart home capabilities to clients, we highlight the key benefits of automation:

  • Convenience of voice/app control from anywhere
  • Energy savings from efficient scheduling of heating/cooling, lighting etc
  • Enhanced security with smart locks, cameras, sensors and alerts
  • Ability to create automated routines, schedules and scenes
  • Expanded accessibility for elderly/disabled with voice commands
  • Increased home resale value as smart homes become more desirable

Common smart home automation products 

Today’s automation systems connect an array of smart devices on a home WiFi network, controllable via voice assistants, smart phone apps and wall-mounted smart hubs. As electricians, we frequently install and configure components such as:

  • Smart thermostat (Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell)
  • Smart lighting systems (Philips Hue, LIFX, TP-Link Kasa)
  • Smart locks, cameras and sensors (Ring, SimpliSafe, Arlo)
  • Smart plugs and power control (Wemo, Lutron Caseta)
  • Entertainment and TV control (Harmony, Apple TV, Roku)
  • Voice control via Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri
  • Central automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings

Adelaide homeowner smart automation trends 

Over the past 5 years, smart lighting has been the most common home automation request we receive for new installations and retrofit projects. Being able to voice control lights, create lighting scenes, and schedule lights is a big draw for convenience and simplicity. Automating thermostats to reduce heating/cooling costs is the second most popular, especially with the focus on energy efficiency.

Security and monitoring systems like smart cameras, motion sensors and smart locks are also widely adopted, allowing remote access and securing the home. For new construction and major renovations, homeowners are getting savvier about integrating automation from the ground up through smart hubs and wiring.

Professional installation best practices 

While some smart products are DIY-friendly, we always recommend having a licensed electrician handle the installation and integration, especially for hardwired systems like lighting, multimedia setups, HVAC components and comprehensive smart hubs. Here are some of the proper practices we follow:

  • Conduct thorough home assessment evaluating wiring, WiFi coverage and existing smart home products/hubs
  • Make recommendations based on client goals, budget and future automation plans
  • Install with proper terminations, grounding, shielding and avoiding interference issues
  • Integrate smart home system programming to set schedules, automations, voice commands
  • Client training and documentation for system use

The challenges of smart home automation 

While home automation provides tremendous benefits, we’ve also encountered challenges to making smart systems function seamlessly:

  • Compatibility issues between smart product brands
  • WiFi dead zones, speed and connectivity problems
  • Setting up smart routines and scenes can be complex
  • Risk of hacking vulnerabilities and need for cybersecurity
  • High labour time for integrating various smart components

As electricians focused on home automation, our role is to simplify the smart home experience. We work closely with clients to understand their goals, make expert product recommendations, install and configure robust systems adhering to the latest standards, and provide training for full automation functionality.


Whether you want basic smart light/thermostat control or a comprehensive smart home with integrated audio/video distribution, security monitoring, motorised shades and Iot control from your devices, professional electricians have the experience to make your home as intelligent as you’d like. The smart home revolution is rapidly changing how we live, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of automating Adelaide’s residences.

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