Adelaide electricians’ tips for reducing energy consumption

As electricity rates continue to rise across Australia, we’ve had more and more customers in Adelaide ask me for advice on how to reduce their energy consumption and lower those costly utility bills. As electricians with over 20 years of experience, we’ve seen firsthand the biggest energy wasters in homes and businesses – as well as the smart solutions available to increase efficiency. Here are our top tips for cutting down on excessive energy use while maintaining comfort and productivity.

Lighting upgrades 

One of the easiest ways to slash energy expenditure is by upgrading to modern, efficient LED lighting technology. LED bulbs and fixtures use up to 85% less electricity than incandescents and 50% less than fluorescents. We recommend replacing any remaining old bulbs, especially in high-use areas like kitchens, living rooms and security lighting. Smart LEDs with dimming, scheduling and motion sensors provide even greater savings.

Insulate and seal 

Ensuring your property is well-insulated and sealed goes a long way toward reducing heating and cooling costs. Inadequate insulation in walls, ceilings and floors leads to major energy waste as HVAC systems work overtime. The same goes for cracks, gaps and poor weatherstripping around windows and doors that leak cooled or heated air. As electricians, we coordinate with insulators and contractors to comprehensively seal the entire building envelope.

High-efficiency HVAC equipment 

For Adelaide’s hot summers and cool winters, efficient heating and cooling accounts for a huge portion of energy bills. When it’s time to replace HVAC systems, look for high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rated units. We recommend a minimum of 16 SEER for air conditioners and 90% AFUE for furnaces. Combining with a programmable smart thermostat allows reducing consumption when away.

Switch to solar 

Of course, the ultimate way to reduce energy consumption and costs is by generating your own renewable electricity through rooftop solar panels. As electricians, we work with solar installers to design and integrate photovoltaic systems, providing crucial components like isolators, inverters, circuit breakers and monitoring equipment. Adelaide’s abundance of sunshine combined with low solar installation prices make converting to solar extremely cost-effective long-term.

Motors, pumps and machinery 

For commercial and industrial operations, inefficient motors, pumps and machinery are notorious energy hogs. Outdated, poorly-maintained or improperly-sized equipment wastes vast amounts of electricity. We advise businesses to audit all motor-driven systems and upgrade to NEMA Premium high-efficiency motors and units sized for their load requirements. Variable speed drives can also significantly reduce energy use.

Energy management systems 

Another solution we recommend for businesses is a comprehensive energy management/building automation system. These centralised controls integrate HVAC, lighting, security, machinery and more into a single interface. Schedules, sensors and automated routines drastically improve efficiency across all components based on occupancy levels and operational needs.

Routine maintenance 

Finally, routine maintenance and care of all electrical equipment and systems is crucial for sustained peak efficiency. From cleaning HVAC components to tightening electrical connections to monitoring for abnormalities, a preventative maintenance program performed by a licensed electrician extends equipment life and reliability while reducing wasted energy from suboptimal performance.

Focusing on the big energy users like lighting, climate control and major appliances/machinery will yield the largest cost savings. However, every little bit of energy conservation adds up as well – turning off idle electronics, using sleep modes, installing occupancy sensors, choosing EnergyStar rated devices and more.


As electricians, we guide our Adelaide clients through energy audits to identify their worst inefficiencies and areas for improvement. We then design and implement customised solutions drawing from all the latest technologies and techniques to provide maximum energy and cost savings while still meeting their operational needs. With a comprehensive approach, most homes and businesses can easily reduce energy use by 30% or more.

With energy prices showing no signs of declining, being proactive about increasing efficiency pays major dividends through low electric bills and environmental benefits. Upgrades and investments into energy-saving solutions provide a fast return on investment. Consult an experienced electrician to start minimising your energy consumption – and expenses – today.

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