Electrical safety in Adelaide schools: An electrician’s recommendations

As electricians who have worked extensively with Adelaide schools over the past two decades, electrical safety is one of our biggest priorities. Schools have unique electrical needs and risks given the presence of hundreds of students, specialised equipment like computer labs and auditoriums, and extensive lighting and wiring requirements. Electrical hazards in educational facilities can lead to fires, injuries from shocks and burns, and even fatalities in worst-case scenarios. Proper maintenance, precautions and professional oversight are absolutely essential. Here are our top recommendations for keeping Adelaide schools’ electrical systems safe and up to code.

Conduct regular inspections & audits 

Every school should have its entire electrical system thoroughly inspected by a licensed electrician at least annually. Wiring insulation can deteriorate over time, circuits can become overloaded, safety devices like RCDs can fail, and electrical panels may need upgrading. During audits, electricians should test all circuits, check for hazards like exposed wiring, ensure proper labelling, confirm RCDs are working, and verify the electrical capacity can handle the school’s total connected load.

Repair & replace outdated components 

Many older Adelaide schools still have severely outdated electrical components like panels, wiring, and lighting that need to be replaced or repaired to meet modern safety standards. Electricians should examine classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, gyms and all other areas for hazards like:

  • Deteriorated wiring insulation
  • Insufficient circuits/overloaded breakers
  • Ungrounded outlets and equipment
  • Broken/damaged electrical boxes and conduits
  • Uninspected or “temporary” wiring modifications

Protect against environmental hazards 

Schools face unique electrical risks due to Australian climate factors and environmental hazards. Coastal schools may deal with corrosion from ocean air, while others must guard against termite damage or water infiltration that can impact wiring safety. Electricians can recommend proper insulation, sealants, circuit location advisories, and other preventative measures.

Implement lockout/tagout procedures 

To prevent staff or students from inadvertently accessing live electrical components for maintenance, service or experiments, comprehensive lockout/tagout procedures are a must. This allows electricians to de-energize circuits, apply safety locks, and verify zero energy state before working on equipment.

Install specialised safety devices 

Along with standard safety equipment like circuit breakers and RCDs, schools benefit from specialised devices based on their electrical needs:

  • Isolated power sources for sensitive equipment
  • Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) to prevent electrical fires
  • Lightning and surge protection on incoming service lines
  • Tamper-resistant outlets in areas with young children
  • Adequate emergency/exit lighting on battery backups

Proper labelling & procedure documentation 

All electrical panels, circuits and equipment should be clearly and consistently labelled. Additionally, schools need documented electrical safety procedures for staff outlining LOTO rules, outlet loading policies, portable equipment guidelines, hot work permits, electrical room access and more.

Partner with a dedicated electrician 

For ongoing safety, reliability and future planning, schools should hire an electrician experienced with educational facilities to be their dedicated electrical contractor. This electrician can ensure compliance through regular audits, immediately handle repairs and upgrades, and advise on issues like future capacity planning. They’ll know the school inside and out for maximum safety.


As electricians, keeping students, teachers and staff safe from electrical dangers is one of our highest priorities when working with Adelaide schools. While the initial investment may seem steep, the peace of mind and preventative protection are invaluable. We encourage all educational institutions to properly maintain their electrical systems through professional inspections and a partnership with an experienced, certified electrician. Your school community deserves a safe, reliable and up-to-code electrical environment.

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