The role of electricians in Adelaide’s renewable energy transition

Powering Adelaide’s residential renewable boom 

One of the biggest roles electricians have played in Adelaide’s renewable energy transition is the installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across tens of thousands of homes. As electricians, we’ve been on the front lines designing and constructing these residential renewable power sources.

The process starts with a full site evaluation to size and configure the optimal rooftop solar array for the home’s energy needs. We then establish the proper grounding, wiring, circuit breakers, inverters and metering setups to integrate the solar generation safely into the home’s electrical service. Ensuring the system follows all Australian standards for solar installation is crucial for safety, performance and creating that grid-interconnection.

With battery storage like Tesla Powerwalls becoming more affordable, electricians are taking it a step further by combining the solar array with backup battery banks. This allows creating a self-sustaining renewable microgrid for the home to reduce reliance on the utility completely, while still maintaining energy resilience during blackouts. We’re essentially building decentralised power plants at the household level.

Ramping up for electric vehicle charging

Another emerging area where electricians will be in high demand is the rollout of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to support widespread EV adoption. As more Australians transition from gas vehicles, we’ll be tasked with:

  • Installing dedicated Level 2 charging outlets and circuits for homes
  • Constructing large-scale public charging depots and facilities
  • Ensuring adequate electrical service capacity for charging loads
  • Running new conduit, wiring and interconnections for chargers
  • Integrating Level 2 chargers and DC fast chargers properly

Our skilled knowledge of voltage, amperage requirements and electrical codes is vital for safe, properly-sized charging installations that won’t overload systems. EV charging integration requires a cohesive rollout plan by electricians well-versed in both residential and commercial charging applications.

Large-scale renewable project construction 

When it comes to massive wind farms, utility-scale solar plants and commercial/industrial renewable energy projects, electricians are indispensable members of the construction and integration teams. We work alongside developers, engineers and general contractors to construct and establish:

  • Power distribution networks from the renewable generation source
  • Tracking systems, grounding and interconnection circuitry
  • Inverters and interconnection with utility transmission lines
  • Substation and electrical infrastructure build outs

Our electrical skills from programming controllers to terminating high-voltage cables play a vital role in bringing these large-scale renewable plants online and integrated into the overall power grid.

The electrician’s role in grid modernisation 

Even with the rise of distributed residential solar and commercial microgrids, our centralised electrical grid remains the core backbone that all this renewable generation ties into. As Australia targets 82% renewable energy by 2030, upgrading and modernising this aging transmission infrastructure is essential, with electricians crucial for implementing:

  • Retrofit transmission line conductor replacements
  • Substation capacity enhancements and expansions
  • Integration of utility-scale battery storage installations
  • Smart grid automation and FACT devices
  • Improved monitoring, control and regulation equipment

This grid modernisation supports incorporating intermittent renewable supply while enhancing overall resiliency and flexibility to meet changing energy demands.

Looking to the future of renewable energy 

As emerging technologies like hydrogen energy systems, nuclear power integration and carbon capture develop, the role of the electrician will continue evolving to construct this new sustainable infrastructure. We operate at the intersection of innovative power solutions and the hands-on implementation work translating environmental progress into reality through our technical expertise.


We take immense pride knowing that our work as electricians directly enables Adelaide’s vital transition towards more renewable, sustainable energy sources while reducing our carbon footprint. We build the actual conduits, distribution networks and power integration that turn ambitions into action. It’s an exciting frontier benefiting both innovation and environmental sustainability – one that our trade is absolutely essential for navigating.

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